Annette Aranda and Kristin Dann, CLE

Bond & Love is dedicated to developing innovative products that help breastfeeding moms nourish strong families.


We are Annette Aranda and Kristin Dann, and Bond & Love is our labor of love.


We met in the fall of 2004 as co-workers in San Diego, CA. We hit it off right away… and so began our story of friendship and collaboration. In 2007, Annette relocated to Portland, OR. Kristin moved there a few years later. During all this, we each got married and started our own families. In 2011, Kristin became a Certified Lactation Educator through Gini Baker’s CLE program. We both found common challenges in breastfeeding. It was these challenges and our shared desire to help other breastfeeding moms that eventually led us to form Bond & Love and develop our first product, My Droplette.


We started looking at current gaps in the products and services available to breastfeeding families and imagining innovative ways to close those gaps. This process led us to focus on small quantity milk collection for our first product. While we were still working on prototypes for My Droplette, Kristin’s sister had a late pre-term birth. Kristin spent the night helping her sister pump and collect colostrum and was reaffirmed of the need for this product. Since then, we’ve completed prototyping and testing My Droplette and we’re confident that it’s a unique product that solves a real need.


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