– Maximize Your Milk Supply

Here is a great article written by Tessa Shull on how to get more milk. This article includes insights, techniques and video illustrations to help guide you on how to maximize milk supply. Plus, it emphasizes the importance of moving colostrum out in order to signal your body to make more.


“ Although the average size of a good breastfeeding is only a teaspoon during the first few days following birth,
releasing the colostrum and breastmilk is still vital to sending the right signals
to your body and keeping milk production moving forward.”
How To Squeeze Your Boobs To Get More Milk, Because A Breastfeeding Mom Will Try Anything
– Tessa Shull Romper.com


This is specifically interesting since many believe that there is a limited amount of colostrum that a mother produces and treat it as a limited finite resource. If you have questions or concerns on this topic, be sure to check out the full story.
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